Thursday, November 1, 2007

[Finally] November

It is November, which means that Halloween is over. I can (sort of) have my house back. Or at least not have it make eerie sounds from the many electronic decorations scattered throughout. Halloween starts very early (my younger son would have decorations out in August, when the first catalogs came, if he had his way. By Halloween I have had it with web and rubber rats. This does mean that all of the other holidays are coming upon us rapidly. More decorations!

We have to get Halloween outta here tomorrow. Saturday night we had our arms twisted into hosting 12 people for one of the entree legs of our school's progressive dinner. I love theme parties very much, but I am overwhelmed with the number of parties, holidays, birthdays, etc.. that we are having over here. The checkout ladies at the grocery store thank me by saying "see you tomorrow" (this is true.) The progressive dinner theme is a "Back to School" or college theme and each entree house has a different school subject. We are 'oceanography' (seafood dinner). I have my round glass bowls out and instead of flowers will put goldfish in them for the table decor (my children are thrilled to have even more pets) and candle holders filled with shells. Simple. And no web.

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