Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Art Cozy for the new iphone

First the computer, then my phone. My iphone died on me more or less yesterday. It wouldn't hold a charge and would freeze every time I went to use it. When I called Apple this morning they told me that my warranty expired 17 DAYS AGO! I never got an email or phone call asking me to buy extended warranty like they usually do. So I was out of luck - the nice gentleman who was on the phone with me for over an hour wished me luck trying to find a new phone.

Lady luck was on my side, as I walked into the mall to meet a girlfriend for lunch and lo and behold a new shipment of the new iphone 3G had just arrived and they were passing out numbered tickets. Each ticket corresponded to an iphone in stock so if you had a ticket, you had a phone. I did have to wait an awfully long time to get in and get it activated. But it is done and I am connected to the world once again.

I needed a new case and didn't like any of the plain, overpriced ones they had in the store and didn't have the patience to shop around for one.

Being inspired by all of the collage and journaling books and zines I have been reading I created this ipod cozy.

It is felt with collaged fabric, free form sewing, beads and some embroidery. I have to say that I like it. I hope I like this phone as much.

(And I am tempted to get a Mac laptop next. I have been wanting a laptop and had so much fun playing with the Mac Books. OOOOhh)

Golden Ticket

I never win anything. Not that I am complaining - ya gotta play to win and I am not a player per se (I only by lottery tickets if the winnings are $100 million. Anything below is not worth my dollar!)

A fabulous zine that I recieved from wonderful artist Alma Stoller called 'Odd Ball Charm' delivered a bit of luck along with that charm. Inside was a golden ticket that wins me a piece of her artwork! How awesome is that?! The theme for my new house decorating is color! and her artwork is just that!

My baby girl Nikki shares the excitement!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I Hate Computers (Today)

My newest craft projects were photographed and I attempted to load them onto the computer. It slowed, then froze, then was unable to reboot. Ouch. Frustration. I will have to postpone posting the cute pink and brown tote with vintage pin and the reversible tshirt tote made out of recycled tshirts.

I also received Alma Stoller's Odd Ball Charm Zine and was the lucky recipient of a Golden ticket. Can I post that here today? Oh, no. My computer wants to hate me today. I hate it back. Hopefully we can make up on Monday.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ducks In the Boston Public Gardens

I wanted to try uploading a video that I took on my birthday present - my Flip Mino. I have been going to the Public Gardens to feed the ducks, geese, and swans and take swan boat rides since I was a tot. I thought a short clip of the duck family would be a good experiment.

Crafty Book Finds in Boston

I just returned from another vacation in Boston, which is always a delight unless it is between November and April. Being a city full of young people due to the abundance of fabulous colleges and universities, it has lots of crafty and green offerings. Due to my schedule that centered around visiting my son at camp, I was unable to do what I REALLY wanted to do, and that was visit the South End Open Market, which has everything from crafts to food every Sunday. There was also a green/crafty festival in Somerville - missed that, too.

Having finished the novel that I was reading on the plane, I tried to convince my 9 year old to walk over to Borders to pick up something for me to read. Tired after a day of walking the New England Aquarium, he countered that it was not necessary for me to go. In desperation to avoid watching cartoons later that evening, we stopped into the Paper Source store next to the hotel with fingers crossed that they had something crafty for me to read. I left with the most amazing zine by artist Teesha Moore called Art & Life. Her journaling and collage work is vibrant and inspiring.
This particular issue (#10) had her trip to Tokyo journalled. It was so much fun to read and look at. I went back for the only other issue they had (#7) and just ordered two more from her website.

Saturday we spent walking much of the city, from Newbury and Charles streets to Fanueil Hall and the Freedom Trail (No, our youngster wasn't with us. His little feet wouldn't have made it that far in the heat. Neither did mine, from the looks of the bandaids on my feet.) We stopped into a Boston favorite, Newbury Comics. I am not a comics reader/collector per se, however they have records, cds and dvds, and a very large collection of collectibles, including the designer vinyl and Japanese ones that I like. I found two great books as well. First, I was nostalgic to pick up Moomin: The Complete Tove Jansson Comic Strip.
I used to read the Moomin books when I was in grade school! My memory tells me that I loved them, and the cover graphics on this hardcover is great!

The second hardcover book that I encountered has me so very excited. It is called What It Is by Lynda Barry. The subtext on the cover says "Do you wish you could write?" Every single page in this book has hand drawn copy and illustrations and thought provoking questions, such as "What is a reflection?" "What is a secret? Where is it kept?" and so on. I paid full price and see I can get it for less on line, but it was fun to read and discover on vacation. Frankly, the books and some paper at Paper Source was all the shopping I did for myself this vacation.

I was, however, inspired to start collaging again and have to find some of the artist crayons that Teesha Moore uses in her collages and journaling. Besides this talented artist, I can thank my momentarily whining child for steering me into the store that had the zine!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poolside Crafting

It has been so long since I have last posted - a month! How summer just flies by! I know there are still a few people who still check on my blog and read when I post. Thanks for sticking with me. Hey, why don't you leave a comment so I know your there!

My posts are out of order, as I posted last nights crafting endeavor first. Earlier this week I sat poolside while my son cooled off from the Florida heat in the pool. Not satisfied with just sitting or even reading, I needed busy hands.

I have been pouring through design and crafty magazines searching for home decorating inspiration for our new home. Not satisfied with just tossing the leftover magazine in the recycling bin, I started playing with other colorful pages. I made envelopes, which used to be a fun thing that I did back in my mail art days.

I made templates of my favorite sized envelopes and found different, interesting magazine pages and catalogs to trace the outline on. I cut the envelope shape and used a glue stick to secure the sides to the back flap. If there is no place to write an address I use a plain label.

I have card sized envelopes, long, bill sized, and small, enclosure type. I made some great small ones from a catalog from an old gallery exiibition.

Page layouts, like this bathroom photo, make great envelopes. Wouldn't you love to receive these in the mail? Or send one and brighten someone's day?

(And the scraps from these were used to make paper beads - see the top photo!)

Late Night Crafting

I, like so many other crafty people, enjoy working when their house is quiet and no one is demanding of their time. If they were up, family members are apt to hear my sewing machine going after midnight.

Last night was a prime example of a late night crafting session. I am fairly new at sewing and like to experiment. I have stacks of old jeans in my craft room closet that called to me yesterday to be played with. The result was yet another zippered pouch. I put an applique pocket on the outside.

I think it is rather cute.