Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Art Cozy for the new iphone

First the computer, then my phone. My iphone died on me more or less yesterday. It wouldn't hold a charge and would freeze every time I went to use it. When I called Apple this morning they told me that my warranty expired 17 DAYS AGO! I never got an email or phone call asking me to buy extended warranty like they usually do. So I was out of luck - the nice gentleman who was on the phone with me for over an hour wished me luck trying to find a new phone.

Lady luck was on my side, as I walked into the mall to meet a girlfriend for lunch and lo and behold a new shipment of the new iphone 3G had just arrived and they were passing out numbered tickets. Each ticket corresponded to an iphone in stock so if you had a ticket, you had a phone. I did have to wait an awfully long time to get in and get it activated. But it is done and I am connected to the world once again.

I needed a new case and didn't like any of the plain, overpriced ones they had in the store and didn't have the patience to shop around for one.

Being inspired by all of the collage and journaling books and zines I have been reading I created this ipod cozy.

It is felt with collaged fabric, free form sewing, beads and some embroidery. I have to say that I like it. I hope I like this phone as much.

(And I am tempted to get a Mac laptop next. I have been wanting a laptop and had so much fun playing with the Mac Books. OOOOhh)

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