Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Must Make Time for Crafting

Crafting and exercising. Two things that I wish I could fit in on a regular basis. Rather than cook dinner...although the guilt drives me to prepare something each and every day for my family, lest I be 'one of those moms' who call the various restaurants around town for curbside pickup.

I finished a cute necklace that is a combination of vintage celluloid charms and new crystals. I have still yet to master good photographs and my easy digital point and shoot camera has a constant 'card can't be used' warning no matter what I do. Sigh.

I managed to squeeze in some time to make some buttons for the parents of my son's basketball team complete with a sports and school logo and the boy's name and number. Made one for each parent because I am so nice and spirited and crafty. I made them for the football team moms and they were much more enthusiastically received. This was a perfect project to keep my hands busy during the Giants football game. Go Patriots! (We are a Boston/NY household here. Always fun at certain sport seasons.)

I got inspired after buying and reading through Sheri Haab's book The Art of Resin.

I have always wanted to learn and now I will. Just another crafty project. If you could only see my craft room (and various spots around the house.) I am still working on the crocheted blanket that I started last summer. Should have known to start with a larger hook. Never thought it would be a blanket though, but I am compelled to finish it. I have jewelry projects everywhere. Collage images needing to me pasted into the images I have in my head. And a zine! That is in my head, too, with ideas jotted down in the art journal that I rarely get to.

Ahhh, but I made nice buttons. And the nice necklace. With lots of projects started, I'll always have one to finish. :)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Art on Etsy

I am a bit obsessed with Etsy (as are most people after they discover it!) They have a new feature called 'pounce' that lets you see what was recently bought and what else is available from that seller. I also like scrolling through the Time Machine 2 that lets you see the most recently listed items.

I have found some great things on Etsy that I have shared in the past. There is especially some great artwork out there. I recently added Mt. Joy School to my list of favorites. Their mixed media compositions are done with such vibrant colors and subject matter. May have to add to my artwork collection!

i-(can get really irritated with my) phone

Everyone loves their i-phones. Yes, they are cool and you can carry your calendar, music, email ability, photos, and more on your phone. So why do I feel like the only one who has constant issues of freezing screens and 'unable to download' messages. Special thanks goes out to the awesome guy in Apple's call center in Idaho for taking 2 PATIENT HOURS to help me clear up the glitches and get restore and update my phone. Wish I coulda bought him a nice Venti at Starbucks.

Monday, January 7, 2008

New Year - New Crafts

Ooooh...resin. I saw this bangle in the Best of Craftster 2007.

Created by Vicious Edge, who also makes fun pendants, it's hot. Makes me want to learn how to work with resin. Every time I watch the crafters on TV work with resin they use ventilation masks. Just not into toxicity. I love seeing what people do with the stuff, though. I need to remind myself to focus - use what I have....right.

Oh, and I had my first cookie. Not as bad as I expected. Not too sweet. I don't like sweet.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year's Resolution #2 - Cookies!

Not good cookies, mind you. The gross cookies - the Cookie Diet. Yes, I am succumbing to a fad diet for a short term fix - a jump start of sorts. Very health conscious and anti-diet, but - darn-it, my pants are snug and uncomfortable and I have occasions to dress up in the coming weeks and don't even want to attempt to try on what is in my closet (nor do I want to go shopping for something new to wear.) So I am going to the mall to get a one week supply of Dr. Siegel's Cookie Diet. See if I survive a week. Six cookies a day plus one meal of lean protein and veggies. Ick.

Did I mention my kids have been on vacation for two weeks. Two weeks of eating bagels, baking holiday cookies, eating holiday food (my husband makes THE BEST stuffing!) and we capped it off yesterday with three days in Orlando at Universal! Oh, we have a family celebratory birthday dinner tomorrow at a very nice Italian restaurant. Monday - cookies. I may have to complain on the blog about the diet, who else is gonna listen?

New Year's Resolution #1

I resolve to sell stuff this year. Craft more - peruse the blogs/etsy/websites less (maybe a little less). Craft with the intention to sell (not keep everything!) I have amassed a great craft room full of supplies for creating fabulous jewelry, collage, mosaics, sewn and stuffed items, felted items, and more. Next fall - craft shows!