Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Reality Talent

Being someone who loves to craft means I am one who cannot sit with idle hands. I multitask. Sitting in front of the television is not an enjoyable activity unless I am crocheting or cutting up magazines at the same time. Plus I don't like much that is on television. I find most of the drivel is reality shows and dramas that have so many spin offs that seem the same. A few shows, however, are worthy of my time.

Project Runway showcases real talent. To be selected to participate one must be able to create clothing - knowing the intricacies of everything from fabric to pattern making to how to fit a model. I loved this season and will miss it. I am thrilled that Christian won because he truly is 'fierce' and I think his designs and creativity were consistent.

American Idol is on my tivo schedule (thank heavens for tivo!).. I record Idol and fast forward through the commercials, long commentary and bad performances. Last week David Cook rocked Lionel Richie's "Hello". This week, believe it or not, Chickeze was my favorite. The young kid has to go, as does the two blondes. And the pizza bistro guy. Hopefully they will be the next four off.

Monday, March 10, 2008

In Forever and a Vacation

That is how long it seems I have blogged. And I just picked up this magazine today, Artful Blogging - one of the Somerset Studio magazines.
I just love looking at the pictures in these magaizines. It always inspires me to sit down and craft things. Or go buy craft supplies. I do the latter much more than I do the former. Guilt creeps up on me if I spend too much time sitting in my craft room 'playing'.

I made a sweet little charm bracelet as a gift for a little girl celebrating her bat-mitzvah. A check is so impersonal, I wanted to give a gift that was special and about her. I hope she liked it.

Where have I been? Costa Rica. We took a week long family vacation there and had a wonderful trip. For the first time ever I don't feel like I need a vacation after my vacation! We snorkeled, zip-lined, rode horses, swam, fished, boogie boarded and more. (My husband has the better, prettier shots on his camera, which I have yet to put on to my computer.)
Beautiful country, friendly people, good coffee and guajito's (like a mojito only better). Can't wait to return.