Friday, August 21, 2009


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Always a fan of graffiti art, I have found a few sources of inspiration in the works of Traci Bautista, Alisa Burke, and all of the urban artists out there who incorporate the style into their work. While I have yet to be brave enough (or have a clear enough space) to pick up the colorful spray cans, I have been playing around with doodles and words.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Chunky Book Pages - Orange Collage

I loved doing the chunky 4"x4" fat book for art and soul so I look forward to participating in others. Here are some pages for a monochromatic page swap project. And I do love orange!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Craft Studio Love!

I LOVE my new craft room. Time spent there is inspiring, relaxing, and fun! Happily messy. I have a center island workstation for painting, drawing, and other messy enjoyment. My sewing table looks out to my front yard and a long counter has space to spread out for jewelry making. What was missing was a comfortable place to sit and read my many books and magazines, crochet, talk on the phone, or give my dogs a place to keep me company. I hunted both online and in stores, new and vintage, thrifting for something to recover. My search ended this weekend with the perfect mid century modern sofa.

I found it online through Etsy seller Vintage Supply Co., never imagining how much it would cost to ship a sofa. No need, it was local!! I visited Moderna Muerte, a brand new store in Delray Beach that carries an amazing array of quality vintage furniture, accessories, clothing (the real deal vintage, not simply out of fashion used clothes). Fabulous merchandising (vintage shoes and purse artfully displayed on a domed pastry stand) makes this a great place to visit and get inspired.
I love the white vinyl, so perfect for my needs. Reminds me of the Design Star episode where some designers painted graffitti and patterns on white sofas. I'll leave mine simple - the pups are very happy the way it is, too.