Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Home Decorating and Paintings (mine!)

Where has the time gone? I had no kid home for a few weeks and made a long list of things I wanted to get accomplished, places I wanted to go, movies to see, etc... Well my younger son comes home this weekend and my list didn't get much shorter. I did find some time to enjoy my new craft room and that has been a joy. I have been collaging and sewing and just 'making stuff'. Joyful and relaxing!

My friend Christie, who is a talented interior designed, came over to help rearrange my decorative things this week. I had pulled lots of books, vintage pottery, framed photos, and more out and we moved things around. What she added to the mix was a few paintings that I did recently. Like we all read in creativity books and blogs - I am fearful of having my art 'out there'. To be judged and compared. I let myself be soothed by the fact that she chose to put them out, so they must be okay and acceptable! I find this humorous, as I always self-analyze myself. So I am facing my fears and displaying my art in my living room.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nantucket Bliss

I am a temporary empty nester, as my kids are away at camp for a few weeks. My husband and I decided to vacation in a relaxing place that neither one of us had ever visited. Nantucket was a wonderful getaway and pleasant surprise. The food was beyond good and the people were nice (very colorfully dressed and preppy with dispositions to match.) There were lots of nice shops and galleries to peruse, which is always welcome especially since there will be no swimming in cold New England water for me. I found some great places and saw some wonderful art. This is a place where basket weaving and scrimshaw got it's start, so it is an artistic place in many ways.

A cloudy afternoon gave me the opportunity to visit Cheryl Fudge's Fashion Camp. A boutique on the first floor and 'camp' workshops upstairs. I chose a piece of gently used clothing to decorate (a light weight hoodie) and scoured their bins of tshirts, ribbon, fabric, and patches to create my own Nantucket souvenir. I pinned the pieces where I wanted them and they will sew it and send it to me.

How cute is this!

Such a nice getaway. Nice weather always helps, of course.