Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mid Century Love

I think I am regressing! I am getting ready to move into a new house and find myself going in a complete, 180 degree opposite of the colors and styles that I have now. My home is lovely now, the walls are neutral and the furniture is nice. It is just not reflective of me and I realize that very clearly. Thus the painter and tile guy look at me like I am crazy when I give them my choices. Orange walls? Lime walls? Large multi colored tiles? Yes, I say! Life is to short to not live it in color!

Changing colors also means leaning towards a different style. While thumbing through and bookmarking design magazines, books, and blogs, I find myself loving the mid century modern pieces. A white Saarinen tulip table against lime walls with some vintage, white caned chairs. Groovy! I showed my mother the table and seemed to recall sitting at one in my youth. My memory is correct. She said she and my dad found the base not being used at his company and had a top made. She found some bent wood chairs and painted them herself. They were in the kitchen of my childhood. (And I am coming to realize that the crafty, DIY spirit was certainly passed down!) My paternal grandfather was in the furniture business and I find myself combing through antique and vintage shops recognizing the pieces that they had. Had I only thought to keep some! Doesn't everyone have those stories!!

I have found some mid century Italian glass sconces that are fabulous! I lost out on a desk on 1st Dibs that was a refinished orange and Lucite piece that would have looked amazing in the orange office. It's such fun to learn about these pieces and the designers of this time. I was oblivious to it as a child but I suppose those were the times in life when things were simple for me and I am going back to recreate that peaceful, fun, happy childhood in my own home for myself and my family. ( I can analyze myself, save myself a lot of money, and spend it on that cool milk glass floor lamp that I found!)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Indie Crafting in South Florida (Finally)

Only in South Florida will you see women in breezy, funky dresses in flip flops strolling into a gallery in January. But that is why we live here. It was a beautiful weekend and I was happy to finally make it to a Stitch Bird craft workshop. A favorite of mine, Bear and Bird Gallery, located west of Fort Lauderdale, holds craft workshops once a month. Past projects have included decoupage objects, sock monkeys, and Halloween makeup fx, and I have never been able to make it due to one thing or another. This month I signed up and made sure I was able to show up on time and make some cool beaded necklaces. We created bases and wired buttons, beads, and other fun things to create these wearable works of art.
I feel mine are just okay - I didn't put a lot of planning into the pieces - I was just happy to be out crafting in a creative group environment with like minded individuals. The gallery also has a terrific exhibit up this month, titled 'Three of a Kind'.
They have great themed shows with some known artists and wonderful pieces! Such a nice afternoon!

Finally, my little (big) Tankster had a nice afternoon. We had to get out of our house to show it yesterday and for obviious reasons take the dogs with us. Tank came to my boys' soccer game and had a ball. When he got home he went out back to enjoy the Florida sunshine. While he couldn't get the float in the pool, he did the next best thing and used it as a pillow.

Monday, January 19, 2009


A day off does not necessarily mean a day off for ME when the kids are off from school, but my husband goes into the office. It's another day of cooking, cleaning and driving. I did find some time to try something new.
I have been reading about fusing plastic bags in various magazines and how-to's but had yet to try it. This month's Craft magazine has instructions on how to make a tote and bucket hat using fused plastic bags. They look so darned cute (not that I have a need for a plastic bucket hat) I just had to try. I gathered and cut up some plastic bags, protective paper, and the iron and fused away. Yes, it worked. No, I am not thrilled at how the final piece of material looks. As my husband came in and saw me at the ironing board smoothing out Target bags he smiled and called me "one wacky chick". I know he likes my quirkiness. I now have a fused piece of plastic bags and don't know what to do with them. Perhaps I will do some colorful painting and stamping on them inspired by some of my favorite artist bloggers Alisa Burke and Traci Bautista.

I also made a trip to Barnes and Noble for some personal entertainment. I picked up the new House Beautiful magazine to read about Lucite coming back into home fashion. I also picked up Stampington's newest publication Art Journal Inspirations. Eye candy. I have only flipped through it thus far but am always pleased by how people create their journal pages in so many different and personal ways.

Shall I be a proud mommy and show the latest photo of my baby?

I do believe Tank is enjoying his new home. The weather in South Florida has been delightful and he loves to sit in the back yard and sun himself. Awwwwwww.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe it has been over three months since I touched my blog. Bad me. Not that too many people were reading it. I wasn't writing much of anything too interesting. And then life got in the way and I stopped. Just stopped. But I vow to continue, redirect myself - have a home base in the web world.

Since my last posting, we celebrated the bar mitzvah of my son. He did phenomenal! We were all so proud. Following the service I threw him the most fantastic, music festival themed party. I must say that I missed nothing. It was great. The room, food, theme, music, activities, favors - it all just coordinated and flowed so well. He played guitar and rocked!

My new house was not ready for us to move into over the winter break. It still isn't. Our target is now late February. But it will be a wonderful place. My current home is more formal and is not representative of me. The new place will be filled with color, light, creativity and whimsy. I have lime green paint in the kitchen, orange walls in the office. And a craft room that is going to be a dream! I am in the process of designing the built in shelves. And an island with a cutting surface (need to find where to get one, though). Can't wait!!

One of my new year's resolutions (really the only real one that I admit to) is to create more art - live a more artful life. I have continued to create in my art journal, which I enjoy and is easy to work on wherever I am . I went ahead and registered for the Art and Soul retreat in Virginia in April. I can't wait to go! I can't think of a better treat for myself than spending four days surrounded by like minded individuals who love to create. I signed up for several very different workshops. Counting the days.

Finally, in the midst of everything, we adopted the most wonderful basset hound from the humane society. Pets are another sad result of the sagging economy. We benefited from others hardships, I suppose. We are thrilled to have Tank become part of our family and will give him the best love and care!

My scanner is completely broken and I am having to photograph things with my iphone and send it to email in order to post. Crazy, but I was waiting to move before I purchase new equipment. I will be researching the best scanner/printer/copier to best meet my needs. But now, I am going to cuddle up with Tank and be glad it is not cold in the South.