Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mid Century Love

I think I am regressing! I am getting ready to move into a new house and find myself going in a complete, 180 degree opposite of the colors and styles that I have now. My home is lovely now, the walls are neutral and the furniture is nice. It is just not reflective of me and I realize that very clearly. Thus the painter and tile guy look at me like I am crazy when I give them my choices. Orange walls? Lime walls? Large multi colored tiles? Yes, I say! Life is to short to not live it in color!

Changing colors also means leaning towards a different style. While thumbing through and bookmarking design magazines, books, and blogs, I find myself loving the mid century modern pieces. A white Saarinen tulip table against lime walls with some vintage, white caned chairs. Groovy! I showed my mother the table and seemed to recall sitting at one in my youth. My memory is correct. She said she and my dad found the base not being used at his company and had a top made. She found some bent wood chairs and painted them herself. They were in the kitchen of my childhood. (And I am coming to realize that the crafty, DIY spirit was certainly passed down!) My paternal grandfather was in the furniture business and I find myself combing through antique and vintage shops recognizing the pieces that they had. Had I only thought to keep some! Doesn't everyone have those stories!!

I have found some mid century Italian glass sconces that are fabulous! I lost out on a desk on 1st Dibs that was a refinished orange and Lucite piece that would have looked amazing in the orange office. It's such fun to learn about these pieces and the designers of this time. I was oblivious to it as a child but I suppose those were the times in life when things were simple for me and I am going back to recreate that peaceful, fun, happy childhood in my own home for myself and my family. ( I can analyze myself, save myself a lot of money, and spend it on that cool milk glass floor lamp that I found!)

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