Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'm baaaack!

Where have I been? I feel so badly that I have neglected this blog. I was enjoying posting and actually having people read my blog, and then 'poof' I stopped. I still read lots of fabulous blogs daily, more or less - I will need to update my link list for your enjoyment. A few big things are coming up and writing my blog may be the perfect creative outlet - to share information and to write my thoughts out so I may clarify my brain.

1. I am planning my child's bar mitzvah. A lot of work. Helping him prepare for the ceremony and planning a cool party to celebrate after.

2. I am moving. I live in a lovely house now. I found a charming house to move to. It will be so much fun to decorate. This house has character.

3. I want to expand my jewelry and craft business - for real. I am aiming to participate in a craft show and expand my Etsy presence and sales. I am starting by changing my name. Ruby Underground is sounding good to me. It came to me when I was getting a facial.

More later....