Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Must Make Time for Crafting

Crafting and exercising. Two things that I wish I could fit in on a regular basis. Rather than cook dinner...although the guilt drives me to prepare something each and every day for my family, lest I be 'one of those moms' who call the various restaurants around town for curbside pickup.

I finished a cute necklace that is a combination of vintage celluloid charms and new crystals. I have still yet to master good photographs and my easy digital point and shoot camera has a constant 'card can't be used' warning no matter what I do. Sigh.

I managed to squeeze in some time to make some buttons for the parents of my son's basketball team complete with a sports and school logo and the boy's name and number. Made one for each parent because I am so nice and spirited and crafty. I made them for the football team moms and they were much more enthusiastically received. This was a perfect project to keep my hands busy during the Giants football game. Go Patriots! (We are a Boston/NY household here. Always fun at certain sport seasons.)

I got inspired after buying and reading through Sheri Haab's book The Art of Resin.

I have always wanted to learn and now I will. Just another crafty project. If you could only see my craft room (and various spots around the house.) I am still working on the crocheted blanket that I started last summer. Should have known to start with a larger hook. Never thought it would be a blanket though, but I am compelled to finish it. I have jewelry projects everywhere. Collage images needing to me pasted into the images I have in my head. And a zine! That is in my head, too, with ideas jotted down in the art journal that I rarely get to.

Ahhh, but I made nice buttons. And the nice necklace. With lots of projects started, I'll always have one to finish. :)

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