Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Year's Resolution #2 - Cookies!

Not good cookies, mind you. The gross cookies - the Cookie Diet. Yes, I am succumbing to a fad diet for a short term fix - a jump start of sorts. Very health conscious and anti-diet, but - darn-it, my pants are snug and uncomfortable and I have occasions to dress up in the coming weeks and don't even want to attempt to try on what is in my closet (nor do I want to go shopping for something new to wear.) So I am going to the mall to get a one week supply of Dr. Siegel's Cookie Diet. See if I survive a week. Six cookies a day plus one meal of lean protein and veggies. Ick.

Did I mention my kids have been on vacation for two weeks. Two weeks of eating bagels, baking holiday cookies, eating holiday food (my husband makes THE BEST stuffing!) and we capped it off yesterday with three days in Orlando at Universal! Oh, we have a family celebratory birthday dinner tomorrow at a very nice Italian restaurant. Monday - cookies. I may have to complain on the blog about the diet, who else is gonna listen?

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