Thursday, July 10, 2008

Poolside Crafting

It has been so long since I have last posted - a month! How summer just flies by! I know there are still a few people who still check on my blog and read when I post. Thanks for sticking with me. Hey, why don't you leave a comment so I know your there!

My posts are out of order, as I posted last nights crafting endeavor first. Earlier this week I sat poolside while my son cooled off from the Florida heat in the pool. Not satisfied with just sitting or even reading, I needed busy hands.

I have been pouring through design and crafty magazines searching for home decorating inspiration for our new home. Not satisfied with just tossing the leftover magazine in the recycling bin, I started playing with other colorful pages. I made envelopes, which used to be a fun thing that I did back in my mail art days.

I made templates of my favorite sized envelopes and found different, interesting magazine pages and catalogs to trace the outline on. I cut the envelope shape and used a glue stick to secure the sides to the back flap. If there is no place to write an address I use a plain label.

I have card sized envelopes, long, bill sized, and small, enclosure type. I made some great small ones from a catalog from an old gallery exiibition.

Page layouts, like this bathroom photo, make great envelopes. Wouldn't you love to receive these in the mail? Or send one and brighten someone's day?

(And the scraps from these were used to make paper beads - see the top photo!)

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