Thursday, November 1, 2007

Art School Creations

I am loving my jewelry fabrication class at the local museum art school. It is such a fun and relaxing way to spend a half a day. I am learning so much and the people in the class are terrific! One of the ladies makes butter soft leather bags with large set stones. The embellishments are set in hand crafted silver and hand riveted in. They are gorgeous. Today I finished my copper owl pendant. I decided to learn how to etch and had left it in an acid bath at the end of last weeks class. I polished it today and think it is very cute. I have some copper chain that I will add some small glass beads to. Here is the finished piece:

The image isn't that clear because I took it on my iphone (I am not a big lover of the iphone but when your camera isn't handy or working the phone fills in just fine.)
Now that I am comfortable with soldering, drilling, torches, and acid I will move on to silver. I have a blank sheet just waiting for the saw to create something unique and hand made by me!

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