Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sooo Tired from being the Crafty Mommy

Soo tired. Lost my voice. Fell asleep with my kid at 9 (I am NEVER asleep before midnight!) It was the Halloween parties. The progressive dinner. The birthday parties. I mentioned the Halloween parties. We had a group from the school's progressive dinner over. It was terrific. The overall theme was 'Back to School' and each entree house had a different school subject. Ours was 'Oceanography'. I decorated the table with inexpensive curtain panels in sheer aqua blue (one with sparkly circles that looked like bubbles.) These were found in the teenage girl room decorating section of my local Kmart! I had some glass bowls that I re-use from flower arrangements past and filled them with water and goldfish from my local pet store (my son has happily welcomed Freddy, Jason, and Jaws into our home as newest pet additions!). I filled tall glass votive holders with shells from my large collection of Sanibel island treasures and had a lovely table. Where are the photos you ask. This crafty mommy didn't think to take any.

The very next day my son had nearly a dozen of his pre-teen sports buddies over to play football, watch the Patriots, eat pizza and Carvel cake and generally wreck the house. Oh yes, I am a good mom. A tired mom - but a good one.

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