Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Paparazzi in Me!

While in L.A. I got my fair dose of celebrity sightings. Living in South Florida we get our fair share of celebrity visits,condo stays and club sightings (and don't forget the charity circuit 'cause the Donald lives nearby sometimes). L.A. is the primary home of movie and t.v. stars so they are everywhere. We got to see Robert Redford and John Travolta driving around the fancy neighborhoods (yes, I took one of those tours.) Paris and Nikki Hilton at the famous Mr. Chows for dinner and Larry King and his favorite breakfast place (which was really yummy). In my face after lunch one day was Melanie Griffith. I saw the paparazzi swarming the door of a dress shop and walked over to see who they were bothering. Out walks Melanie Griffith, who had obviously been hunting for a gown. I almost got knocked over by the photographers but snapped this photo myself.

She was actually very nice to the swarm of rude photographers surrounding her from the shop to her car - which by the way has the license plate MG-AB (heart where the dash is) showcasing the love of her gorgeous husband, Antonio Banderas. How cute is that!?

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