Monday, November 19, 2007

L.A. Goodness!

I am back from L.A. and had the best time!!! We certainly packed a lot into 5 days. I had not been to Southern Cal. in many years so it was basically all new to me. We had fabulous food, did some shopping, poked around the beach communities like true tourists, took in some art, and did some star gazing (of the famous kind - Paris and her sister, Robert Redford, Melanie Griffith and more!).

We dined everywhere from Wolfgang Pucks restaurants and the famous Ivy to great little sushi restaurants and artisan cupcake shoppes. I need a good diet now.

My husband was surprised that I wasn't getting much shopping done - after all, it is L.A. I tried to explain that I would never buy what I can get at home or what everyone else would wear. He dropped me off at the Felt Club Holiday XL craft show (and he went to the L.A. Auto show, where I wouldn't have the patience to go.) When he came to pick me up a couple of hours later I was laden with bags! Stuff to bring back for the kids, my friends, holiday gifts. Oh, and me!! I'll share my finds at a later post. I have too jet lag and am too tired to sleep, if that makes sense. I am not focused enough to upload photos and give proper credit to the many crafters and artisans that I met.

Let me say that I do think that the people I met in Los Angeles are the friendliest! The guys and gals in the shops and restaurants (and next sitting next to us in restaurants)_ we so nice! We got the best tips on things to do and places to go from them. So thanks to everyone I encountered in L.A. - you are fabulous!

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