Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Party

OK, it was for 8 year olds, but we had a great time. My son has been asking me for a Halloween party for the last few years (he has always had and obsession with this holiday). This year I succumbed and let him make invitations. Almost twenty kids attended his 'First Annual Spookfest'> My house looks pretty cool - and my son did most of the planning and decorating. Old masks, costumes and decor created creepy guests in the living room and around the dining room table.

We served Halloween shaped sugar cookies with frosting, icing, and other decorating toppings for a DIY snack; 'finger' sandwiches (turkey on whole wheat bread shaped into fingers with an almond finger nail); jello mold brain; fruit kabobs stuck into a pumpkin with gummy worms;

and a cake that my son decorated on his own. We sliced the cake in half and tucked some gummy worms inside before frosting. He used Milano cookies as tombstones. This crafty mommy has one crafty son!

This was a kind of old fashioned party. The kids ran around like lunatics, we had some Halloween and skull beads on a table to make necklaces and bracelets, and we had a mummy wrapping contest. We'd better start thinking ahead to the Second Annual Spookfest!

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