Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Timmie has arrived!

Or I should say "Timmies" because there are two. I have been admiring the cute work of MPatrizio, especially her little green crocheted tadpoles called Timmie. They are numbered and it seems adopted by people who treat them very well and take them on trips. The artist has a Timmie flickr pool where photos of trips and adventures can be posted. My son, who I often mention is a creative kid who loves stuffed animals, had a little stuffed alien from NYC that he wanted to photograph in various locations on our trip there. I showed him the Timmie flickr photos and he HAD to have a Timmie and take pictures. We had to wait a bit but the Timmies finally arrived this past week (yes, I got one for myself). Timmie is taken everywhere! He is well fed (we love the little Japanese Rement mini foods!) and even has his own set of wheels! He is snuck in my sons backpack and we made him his own felt backpack for his maps and things.

I think I buy my kids all of these cute and cool things because I really want them for myself.

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