Sunday, October 14, 2007

That Seventies Thing - Halloween Style!

My father emailed me this photo today. He has put all of his old photos on CDs so he can pull out random and entertaining pictures easily. He thinks I was around 7 years old when it was taken. Are you digging my costume? And the bag I used to trick or treat with?! Flower power!

My kids think this scene is hilarious. The low tech costume baffles them. Yes, boys, our costumes were cheap plastic masks, easily cracked, and secured around your head with nothing but a piece of elastic threaded through the sides. We peaked out of little eye holes and breathed through little nose and mouth holes. The body costume was a mere printed sack. They all came in colorful little boxes. I wish I still had that weird looking bunny costume in it's cardboard box - it would be worth something today.
(side note...wasn't my mother's car sweet? I wish I had that, too!)

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