Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Procrastination (Sing it with me!)

I have too many things coming up here in the coming weeks - a bunch of families coming over for a dinner party/get together, a Halloween party that my 8 year old decided to throw, and a leg of a progressive dinner for my children's' school. I have made no plans for any of this. I need to come up with creative snacks and entertainment for a bunch of energetic, sugar laden, Halloween-hyped kids and a lovely seafood dinner for a dozen adults. I sat down on the computer for divine online inspiration and found these cute measuring spoons by Beehive Kitchenware on Poppytalk.

How is this going to help me with my entertaining plans? It's not. They are just cute. And I am procrastinating and surfing the creative websites linking each other for my own enjoyment. No Halloween or seafood recipes here. The spoons do help the cooks. I will be baking my low fat oatmeal cookie crust apple pie for my friends - I just have to find the time to shop and bake in between my art class, substitue teaching Spanish to first graders and shuttling my kids everywhere in the afternoons. I am procrasinating again. Time to find that recipe for dipped pretzel sticks that look like fingers.....

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