Sunday, October 7, 2007

Stitch Rock Rocked!

The first indie craft show was held in my area yesterday and it was so much fun! Held in a real vintage former school gymnasium, the event was sold out at 40 vendors. It received some good press and when I arrived about an hour and a half after the doors opened it was pretty crowded. Attendees seemed to be a mix of the cool, hip young adults that are familiar with the indie scene (that included the friend that I invited along) along with folks that wanted to check out new and different craft show. It was overwhelming to see all of the creative offerings from the artists and crafters at their booths. Lots of fun jewelry, vintage and created-from-vintage clothing, t-shirts, soaps and cosmetics, vegan doggie treats, collaged tables, artwork, handbags and more! And very popular cupcakes. I got to meet a fellow Etsyfest member (many of the vendors had etsy stores)and I discovered there was not one but two awesome stores in the Fort Lauderdale area that sell the funky things I like to collect. I will be visiting the Pink Ghost and Tates very soon. Tates has a boutique and gallery upstairs called Bear and Bird. They have art shows regularly. I picked up some of the new little Munny's that were at their booth. I realized when I left that I was so overwhelmed with the interesting assortment (and my ever popular thoughts that "I can make that") that I didn't buy that much.

My friend and I each bought a tshirt from Owl Movement. They print artist tees and they are awesome. We had a hard time choosing. Given the month we are in, I chose a kinda cute monster tee. I also visited the Pink Ghost booth and picked up a cute pink plushie (I think it came from Australia. I can't remember. The plushie just wanted to come home with me.) I picked my son up a little ugly doll on a clip for his backpack. My friend picked up this little hat reminiscent of a ladies hat from the 1940's. I'll have to sift through the cards I picked up to see where she got it. When the weather cools a bit she will look totally hip when she pairs it with a black blazer out on the town. She can pull this off (I don't think I can.) I might have to step up my jewelry and stuffie production a bit and get a booth next year. My friend really wants me too as well. She wants to be part of the scene. Who can blame her. Creativity was in the air (as was the smell of cupcakes) and everyone was so nice!


Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery said...

So glad you found us! Hope you come by to visit us soon, the stuff we had at StitchRock was only a small sample of what we have in the store! :-)

Bear and Bird Boutique + Gallery said...

Thanks for mentioning us! We had a great time at Stitch Rock and we're so happy that it helped you find out about us! :-) What you saw at the show was only a tiny fraction of what we have to offer in the store! See you soon... xoxo -Amanda