Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lament of the Swapper

You may know I have participated in swaps in the past, often through Craftster. I love crafter and am often too lazy or unorganized to photograph and list a craft to sell. Or perhaps it is too 'handmade' (I admit to being a bit self depreciating and feeling that my handmade items should always look very professionally crafted. Yes, I know slight imperfections add to personality and the aura of handmade authenticity. It is my problem.) Swapping with other crafters let me make stuff to give away and I get something from a like minded individual, or so one hopes. I have received some incredible things in the past. One of my favorite weekender bags (that are day bags for big-bag me) came from a sewing swap. I have received cute pin cushions, hand bound journals, and collage supplies. My most recent swap, however, seems it may be a disappointment. I signed up to do a swap, received the gal's info., received a very nice email from her, and never heard back or got a reply from my emails. And I put together such a nice package for her. Oh well, you swap some you lose some. Anyone out their collect opera things?

1 comment:

Bethany said...

I'm SO sorry! I stink!

I promise, promise, promise not to stink in the future...:)

Do you forgive me? Please?

P.S. I collect opera things!