Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Week of Fuzz

I caught my a head cold from my husband this past week and felt like my head was in a fog. Of course when he had it he stayed in bed, came home from work and played sick. Me, as a mom, could only take a drixoral and go about my business. I didn't get much done that didn't have to be done. I made it to my art class on Thursday because to me that is the most relaxing 3 hours! I learned how to wet solder and put my two cut pieces together. While I was waiting for the lesson on soldering I played around with metal hammering and patterns. What fun I had! At home however, I started and stopped projects.

I have a floral monster I need to hand sew, as well as an argyle sock monkey.

Playing with a journal that I always mean to stay on top of.

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lia said...

oh, I lOVE, love, love this journal spread! the textures, and all the color and papers, such a great feel!