Thursday, September 27, 2007

Things I learned in art class (and other thoughts)

I had art class today - jewelry fabrication. Love it! The teacher is a most accomplished jewelry artist and has created fabulous pieces. The class is beginner through intermediate so there are some wonderful women with a bit of experience who share their tips. I created a brass bail for my copper and brass pendant and soldered on after a lot of sanding and filing to get in flat. We had a snafu trying to soak the copper off of the brass (or was it vice versa). My top piece had started to lift. I had to re-solder (with the instructors help.) I have a new found appreciation for why hand made jewelry cost so much. The time put into each piece! While I was waiting for my turn for assistance I practiced sawing and made all sorts of cute copper and brass shapes and hammered and textured them. They'll end up in a random charm bracelet I am sure. We learned how to use the polishing and buffing tools. Next class I will finish my piece and start a ring.

I found this great jewelry artist on Etsy. Rachel Sudlow creates pieces that are along the lines of what I am learning, so I really appreciate her work! Check out these necklaces!

I have been finding the greatest blogs and tutorials lately. I find myself up way past midnight sitting on my tush going from one great read to another. I love to see what others read and find, don't you?!

I have a large assortment of pets and get a kick our of the daily pictures sent from Cute Overload. Hamsters, dogs, hedgehogs and more - all so stinkin'cute!

Halloween is about to overtake my house beginning Sunday. My son is obsessed by Halloween and we decorate to the max. The stuff is in storage during the year (he had actually wanted to decorate his room in Halloween permanently. I said no.) My rule is no decorations before October 1st. So he looked at the calendar and announced we must go on Sunday afternoon. I'll be tripping over spider webs and bones.

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