Monday, September 10, 2007

Places to go, things to inspire

Oh the places I would go! Someday I want to be able to just get up and go to all of the great looking craft fairs and flea markets that dot the USA. For now I am content (not really) to ogle over amazing photos on my favorite blogs.

This booth at Junk Bonanza is so amazing!

Great photos from Artsy Mama

These necklaces are so unique! They are from imogeneANDannie. I am contemplating purchasing the fox as a gift.

Can you ever have enough ephemera to decorate cards, boxes, journals (and whatever else glue sticks to?) These inexpensive packs from The Glitter Workshop are always handy to spice up your stash!

Artsy zines have been an interest of mine lately. I just recieved a handful in the last week that are all so unique, inspiring, and fun. I'll scan 'em and post 'em.


Karen Ross Smith said...

For some reason, I never hear about the good swaps until they are over! So if you hear of some, can you pass them on to me? I love to swap, but swap bot is too country/granny crafters.

Marisa said...

The fox necklace is wonderful! How on earth did they manage to cut the silhouette so precisely and cleanly?