Friday, September 14, 2007

Jewelry Fabrication and Zines

I had cool drawer and cabinet pulls installed in my craft room this week that allows me to put little labels in them so I know where all of my stuff is. As I have mentioned I dabble in way too many crafts and don't stick to any one. My friend that installed them said I have ADD and seemed to be serious. He looked at my craft room and told me I was "all over the place". So I decided to learn something new and take a class!

My friend Heather and I started a jewelry fabrication class at the local museum art school yesterday. We chose that particular class not necessarily because we always wanted to learn how to use saws and blow torches (although that certainly appeals to me!). The class fit into our busy schedules. So we set out with our supply list and bought a toolbox full of items we had no idea what they were. The class was a lot of fun and we learned what was in our box. Actually, we started working on our first pieces. We were given pieces of copper, chose a pattern and cut! Then I moved on to a piece of brass as a back piece. Next week we use the torches to solder them together!! Here is what I made so far:

I have been enjoying zines lately. I have found some that are just chock full of fun illustrations and annecdotes. The Ephemeral Mailbox Museum has created these two zines (among others) that are terrific.
Postal Curiosities and delights is about mail and mail art and reminds me of when I used to be very into mail art (mid to late 90's) back when AOL was the only popular internet carrier. I'm gonna send Niku some mail art.

Scrappy is a "crafty zine for scrappy people". This one has a them of 'stitches' and is filled with sewing and embellishing projects and ideas.

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