Sunday, September 23, 2007

Gift Shopping Assistance Needed!

If you are reading this then perhaps you have better ideas for gifts than I do. I can always shop for myself and am good about picking up things all year long for the Christmas gifts for friends who collect things. When on a deadline, however, I get stuck. I was relegated to shopping for a group gift for a girlfriend. I don't have enough time to shop online for her so the cool indie things were out. She collects so I went to the local antique mall and had no luck (but got some stuff for me - see below). I have to go back out later today. Wish me luck.

I do, however, have until December 1st to find his and her 40th birthday gifts for friends. They are having an 80th birthday costume party (forty together - how cute is that). Both artists. Any suggestions?

When I was at the antique mall I found a good mix of buttons, some vintage necklaces that I can deconstruct for my jewelry, a vintage table cloth, and another tin for storage (can't have too many).

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