Sunday, September 30, 2007

Indie cool seeps into the bubble

South Florida seems far removed from the big cities and urban areas where indie crafts and design is prevalent and 'going green' is tops. Things are often shiny and new, what is 'in' and what everyone is wearing. I shop mostly when I travel as to not see myself coming and going. Perhaps things are about to change.

This coming weekend there is an independent craft show called Stitch Rock. It is on Saturday, October 6th in Delray Beach and is going to feature various indie crafters. There are 40 vendors signed up - a sellout for the organizers. I found them on Indiepublic and hadn't seen any PR until this Friday when there was a writeup in Sun Sentinel newspaper. I am glad to see South Florida going beyond the basics of dried flower arrangements and beachy painted pottery too often found at the weekend craft shows in season.

Saturday there was a long article also in the Sun Sentinel about Ikea Hackers - artists, crafters and DIYers that use Ikea furniture and accessories to create other things - a table into a guitar, a shower curtain into a dress, etc.. The article featured the founder of Etsy who used a few Ikea chairs as a table base. The article was run because Ikea is opening here next month (hurray). I was happy to see the indie, DIY culture - and Etsy - highlighted here.

I have yet to put myself together enough to have a strong business identity and enough product to sell at a show (although I would eventually like to.) I am looking forward to going up to Delray next Saturday afternoon to shop. And I'll share my local indie craftiness that I find with you!

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