Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A new blog

Time to jump on the blog bandwagon. I certainly spend enough time reading them. I am chronic crafter - I jump and dabble into all types of medium depending on my mood. And I like to buy unique, often indie things - either because no one else has them or they are so darned cute. Which is how I came to read all of the cute blogs - that I will post links to. I am obsessed with trying new crafts and get all kinds of ideas from blogs and sites and my other obsession - craft related books and magazines.

As much as I have aspired to be an artist (with no formal training mind you) I am a busy crafter and have come to accept that as a relevant hobby for now. Being a mom, I find many of the things I make need to be quick to start and finish (and I like instant gratification) or easy to start and stop without a lot of mess. Crochet is my new craft - it is clean and portable. Mosaics, which I love and have made some cool things with broken china and found objects, is a tad too messy to start and stop during the day as needed in my life. I have also taken to sewing, especially stuffed things, and needle felting.

As I gain experience I hope to make my blog look less generic and be able to share my thoughts, finds, and crafts.

For starters, here is a stuffed mushroom that I made for a craftster swap (I can't possibly keep everything I make). His name is Mr. Fun Guy (get it? Fun Guy, fungai?)

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