Monday, July 9, 2007

Crafting on the Road

I have the desire(compulsion) to craft something every day. Or maybe I just like to craft and that is what relaxes me and brings me enjoyment, like others who read a lot or play music. I have so many crafting hobbies that my craft room looks like a twister went through despite my constant efforts at organization. There are currently projects with jewelry (always), decoupage, sewing, and crochet. Eventually I will post what I made each day. Maybe others will post what they made each day. Which brings me to my topic..

I was away for the weekend and brought my crocheting along. I am new and attempted for the first time to follow a pattern. I am bent on eventually learning how to crochet cute amigurumi animals. I picked up a few books, along with yarn and hooks and have been trying. I am successful at basic crochet squares and granny squares. I bought fancy, ribbon looking yarn at our local Rag Shop that is going out of business (sad) and am attempting to follow the pattern on the label for a scarf. It looked simple enough but with 200 stitches before you turn my gage and pattern just don't look right. Practice, practice, practice... I have been reading the online tutorials that were linked to me by a site called Craft Daisies. Of course they are a little quick for me. I have managed to get through lesson 2 or 3. The tutorials are good if you are interested in learning how to crochet.

I chose to learn how to crochet because I wanted to have a craft I can take on the road with me when I travel. Most of my other crafty diversions are too messy or bulky. I have brought jewelry projects along in the past only to find beads and findings rolling away. Crochet is the perfect portable past time because one can easily start and stop, put away and take it out. They even have plastic crochet hooks so you don't set off any buzzers in the airport. I even bought a yarn and thread 'pendant' that takes the place of scissors so I can cut yarn.

I am now home with my new stash of tropical themes fabric fat quarters that I purchased at Three Crafty Ladies on Sanibel Island. It should be called three very smart and crafty ladies, as it has the most amazing selection of tropical themed craft supplies for such a quaint little shop. Stamps, shell crafting supplies, paper and stickers - even scrapbooking paper that says Sanibel Island on it, and a huge selection of quilting fabric, notions, patterns, and kits. Since I recently bought my first sewing machine I couldn't resist adding to my fabric stash here. I also picked up a pattern for a small quilted bag made with fat quarters. This way I can justify all of the fabric I have been buying - 'intent' to create a quilted bag.

More to come on my variety of projects and all of the cool links I have been finding.

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