Monday, July 16, 2007

ARTful Sunday

Being the crafty mommy that I truly am, I seek out crafty and interesting things to do with my kids. Occasionally our local museum will have a family activity that is cultural and includes a hands on art or craft project. Today we visited for a Japanese themed event. Although the audio visual system was broken and the poor instructor had to speak over the chatty families to give directions on origami animals. Being crafty, my son and I caught on quickly and made a few cute things.
My best discovery, however was in the lobby just outside the giftshop. There was an ARTOMAT. This is a former cigarette machine that has been transformed into a cool piece of pop art itself and dispenses small works of art. How cool is that?! We purchased $5 tokens and had a hard time choosing what to vend. There were small placards that listed the artist with graphics and a hint of what was inside. We ended up with a small simple painting, a paper collage, a pocket square, and a cool printed box filled with 12 printed poems on printed cards (our favorite). My son and I both share a love of cute and interesting little things, so we enjoyed this.

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