Friday, August 10, 2007

Random Thoughts of Craftiness

Summer vacation is almost over for us - time to get back to the busy schedule that we live. I intend to make the most of the last few weeks of no alarm clocks and free time. That will include a few mini trips and starting new craft projects (of course).
I just returned from the local JoAnn store with some clear vinyl to use on various projects that I intend to make. The online world has certainly filled my creative brain with more ideas and inspiration that I would have ever seen in person or magazines. This afternoon was filled with trial and error in regards to sewing vinyl (it sticks). I turned to the Craftster forums to get tips (tissue paper, teflon foot). I also picked up some yarn so I can take a crochet project on the plane and work on some cute little amigurumi. What shall I make.....
While cruising online for sewing tips I couldn't help but look at a few of my favorite blogs and sites. For those of you who have seen the crazy/cute/mean/adorable creations at Cotton Monster, there is actually one for sale. I'm thinking...I'm restraining...I'm going to NYC in 2 days...Check out this guy:
I am wearing a fabulous shirt from one of the coolest stores in Boston called Johnny Cupcakes. They have the most innovative, hip t-shirts and the store is designed like a bakery with items being packaged in bakery-style boxes. Items are displayed in bakery cases. Don't let my allegiance to the Boston Red Sox influence you.
Planning my trip to NYC with my 8 year old will be fun. We have lots of fun places on our list and fortunately he is a very cool little boy who has KidRobot high on his shopping agenda. I informed him we will be visiting Kinokuniyo, the Japanese bookstore in Rockefeller Center. Perhaps I can coax him into a few more stores that will appeal to both of us. I'll be blogging on my creative finds next week.

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