Friday, August 10, 2007

Finds of the Day

I haunt the craft book and magazine aisles of all local bookstores. I have mentioned my addiction to these. I love to look at the pages of the myriad of cool and beautiful crafts that others create with wishes that I would or could sit down and do it myself. Usually, though, I am content to enjoy the books.

My latest craft obsession, as I have also mentioned, is crocheting - specifically amigurumi. I have longingly looked at books and websites dedicated to these adorable crafty creatures and have purchased a few from online crafters/artists. One of my favorites is a little purple our that was created by Elisabeth Doherty of Gourmet Amigurumi. Her work is outrageous - tops in the field. She published a book on her craft and I was lucky enough to come across one in our local B&N. What a great book. Most of the amigurumi instructions are for intermediate or advanced abilities (I have a reason to practice and hone my skills!) Check out the book, called Amigurumi - Super, Happy, Crochet, Cute.
Later this evening I was sitting down with my fat free vanilla ice cream and reading the blogs that I have booked marked for daily entertainment, I came across an interesting post in one of my favorite blogs, Cuteable. It seems the folks at Cuteable started their own social networking site for indie crafters. I have never been very active on the other popular social networking sites. I wasn't technically savvy enough to use it to much advantage (hence the look of this blog - still pretty basic) or to keep creepy strangers from constantly from wanting to be my friend. There was something about this new site and it's mission that I found intriguing. It is aimed to attract more like minded individuals, yet in a broad range. Indie crafters and artists, retailers, bloggers, shoppers, etc.. And it seems that there are so many of the same people reading and creating the various craft blogs. The names of often seem familiar. So I joined. I'll start lurking around there and let you know what I find. Check it out yourself here.

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Sion said...

Aww, thanks for the comment you left on Cuteable! I'm definitely going to add your blog to my daily reads blogroll.

BTW, the link to Indiepublic is best if you go to this one:

It tends to act weird when you go to the "ning" one.