Monday, August 20, 2007

Decorating A-peel

It seems to be becoming a trend that I am blogging on things that I buy - I need to show some restraint!! There are just so many cool things out there in shopping cyberspace (and cities and towns across the USA) that I am able to find needs to fill! My new craft room has pretty bold built in drawers, cabinets, and shelves in a bold shade of red. The walls, however, are (ug) white. And I don't have the patience to search for, hire, and monitor a painter (nor do I want a DIY project at this time). I found a fabulous quick fix to boring walls - Vinyl Wall Art! This business has advertised on blogs, which is where I first saw it, and then saw that they have an Etsy shop - Holly. I order a few birds and some flowers in some bright and cheerful colors to make my room fun. In addition, there are funky vinyl decals for cars - car art - that express the owner as a 'knitting nerd' or 'crafty geek'. Love these. I'll post a photo of my room when they arrive and get mounted.

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Kiley said...

What an awesome find! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us, I can't wait to see your room!