Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Running on Time while Shopping for Bags

I managed to get everywhere I needed to be today, and on time I might add. Didn't make it to the bank or the pediatricians office (just to pick up papers) - both of those errands can wait a day or so. Along the way, however, I just can't stay away from bags. I didn't buy any but they seem to be beckoning.

I met a friend at the mall (don't like the mall) to purchase a group birthday present for a gal pal. Had to walk through the Saks Fifth Avenue bag department amidst the shiny, colorful patent leather totes on display. I kept walking.
While waiting for my child to get ready for drum lessons I casually browsed my bookmarked Etsy sellers. Look at this bag! It is from Bonspiel Creations.

Again with the colors. How cheerful is this bag?! Kept browsing.

On my list of things to do in the next few days is hit Joann's to get supplies to make a zippered pouch for a craft swap I am participating in. I love making zip pouches and it is always nice to craft for others (and fun to receive!) I am making a pouch to hold double pointed needles. I have a fabulous pattern that my Aunt sent me (along with the bags) called a Humble bag. Very cool shape. I need to get the right size zippers to try this one too.

I am feverishly looking at books, magazines and websites to come up with ideas and directions for my craft room that I will build this fall. I have a meeting with the builder and architect on Monday. The almighty Martha has a great craft room with so much space and drawers and counters. I need inspiration!

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