Wednesday, May 7, 2008

New Links

I finally updated my link list - at least a little bit. I tend to visit one blog and then visit the blogs that that blogger reads and on and on until I realized that I have spent many unproductive hours reading blogs. I still discover amazing crafts, recipes, design ideas and things I want to buy. I have been seeking out design and decor blogs, as I will be moving yet again next year. And just as I have nearly finished my awesome craft room. Oh well, I'll have another.

Lots of cool things on these sites. I just got the cutest little Cram Cream toaster plates. They call them toaster plates because they fit in a toaster oven - and look like mini Pyrex baking dishes. It wouldn't hold much food, however. But they are so darn cute I want to put trail mix or olives in them and put them out for friends.

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