Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Collage Play

Being the A.D.D. crafter that I am, I have recently taken up a new crafting direction - Art Journaling! It is a take off of what I have been doing most of my life, which is collage. As you know I have discovered some wonderful Art Journal artists and have read their blogs, books, and zines and got inspired! I found a collage group through the blog Something Two Crow About. The talented Nancy has put together a Collage Play group and posts a page of images to use in a weekly collage. Group members use at least three images and post them in the flickr pool. They are awesome. I have participated in the 3rd and 4th week and love the image prompts and am fascinated with what the talented members create!

I find myself carrying my new moleskin book (with the heavier pages - much better than the regular page weight notebook that I was doodling in, where markers would bleed through) to carpool line and music lessons. Such an enjoyable way to pass time when I am out. I even made this little moleskin 'cozy' that holds the book and has a section for pens, pencils and the awesome water soluble crayons I have been using.

This is such a motivating thing for me, I must say. And I am forever looking for crafts that I can take with me. The artist inside is bursting to get out. Artist?Crafter? Whatever.

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