Sunday, August 24, 2008

I Miss You, Eddie

You were my first child. I had never had a dog before, only cats. When I was having trouble getting pregnant and needing something or someone to mother - you came in to my life. I went to the home where you were born and you had your face in the food bowl. Once I picked you up that day I never put you down. We had no leash, no food bowl, nothing to prepare to bring a puppy home but you were the one. We chose each other. I never put you down that day.

Throughout the years you were always at my side. The day I took my first human son home you jumped on the bed next to the carrier and calmly welcomed him. You laid on the corner of his playmate like a guard. You welcome the other child and other dogs into the house but was always the king. You were the man.

You were our road trip guy. You claimed my lap on our many trips to Sanibel and loved to stick your head out of the window and feel the air when I let you. You knew how to open and close the window, unfortunately using the lock on occasion. The day you locked our family out of the car at the gas station will go down in history!

I miss you, my baby boy. Miss you terribly. I will love you forever.

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Alma Stoller said...

Hi Johanna,

I am so sorry to read this.
What a cutie he is.
I am so sad for you...having pet babies of my own, I know how much they mean to us.

I am so sorry for your lose.