Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Too Much Time, Too Little Time

School is out and I am running around like crazy! Shuttling kids to and from friends' houses, orthodontist appointments and camp shopping at Target (one of my favorite places to buy things I didn't realize I needed!) And while I find myself with no time to accomplish a lot of big things (like pick all of the things on the list the contractor gave me for next falls' home move project) or exercise, I am in my house with my kids and there friends, don't need to entertain them - just wait on them and clean up after them. I therefore have some time to craft. I sat poolside today while a few boys were swimming and made envelopes out of recycled magazine pages. I just finished up some crafts for a Crafster swap. And I snap silly pictures of license plates while waiting at lights during my taxi duty.

I snapped this for my good friend who is a podiatrist. It says 'CORN DOC'.

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