Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Crafty Deadlines

I work best under pressure, when I have deadlines, and when I make lists. My most unproductive days are free days when I don't have much to do and I don't have anywhere to be at a set time. Intentions are to enjoy time in my craft room to create wonderful jewelry and other crafty things. But I don't.

I often say I like to do craft swaps because I can enjoy crafting for someone, maybe with a specific theme in mind. I don't keep it, but I get someone else's hand craftiness in return.

I just finished a swap with a color, texture and shape theme. I was to craft one thing in pink, one thing in a star shape, and something soft. I had a great partner and had a great time creating for her. She received:

A Star Plushie, a sterling silver and pink quartz necklace, and a pink zippered pouch.

I received in return, some fantastic knit items, including a great octopus.

So I am not quite packed for tomorrow's trip to the Bahamas, don't have my son packed and ready for camp, and haven't looked at one single thing for the home renovation/addition project I am starting this fall. I need to make a list....

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