Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I need these.
But enough about me.

My dining room looks like a paper and ribbon blizzard. I have successfully shopped for and wrapped all of the gifts for the teachers, coaches, instructors, etc.. My kids will tote them off to school tomorrow (how, I don't know). That should clear off a large portion of the table. I finished the handmade gifts to my friends (the pendants came out nice - check out the last post.) The last minute cookies and secret santa gifts were handled calmly. No more homework for a few weeks. That signals vacation - hurray!

Good thing, since there was a double murder in the parking lot of our local giant mall. (cue the SNL Debbie Downer wah, wah). Freakin' creepy. Nice way to spoil the holidays. My husband told me I can't go to the mall by myself or with the kiddies alone for a while. Thank heavens for online shopping and my craft room!

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