Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Elf in Art Class

This crafty mommy has been one busy little elf in my jewelry fabrication class. As anyone who makes jewelry (or other things) knows the problem one has shopping at mass merchandisers. You see things and say "I can make that." The key is whether or not you actually find the time to do so. While not everyone on my holiday gift list will appreciate a handcrafted item or not be worthy of the time spent to create one, there are recipients who will hopefully cherish and enjoy one.

My friend and I created three sterling cuffs with a cool impressed texture. We gave them to the gals this morning over coffee and they were well received and looked great on. We're so proud (corny, too.)

While my girlfriend has decided she has had enough of art school for now, I am continuing so I can learn how to make the designs in my head come into reality, not to mention how to do the techniques on the fabulous pieces I see at stores and in cataogs. Today, however, was spent on more gifts.

While the lighting in the photos is awful, you can see I created the initial M cut out of silver and strung with silver and pearls. The finish on the pendant is a brushed satin. It looks great on - I hope she likes it!

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