Monday, May 18, 2009

A Room With a View (and I'm never leaving)

My craft room is virtually finished with final permits which is allowing me to unpack and play!! It is amazing. I was able to work with the cabinet guy to customize the space for my hobbies. I have shelves for fabric and fibers, a sewing table, a work island with a glass top for easy cleanup, and place for making jewelry. Lots of drawers and cabinets. A slice of heaven! I have yet to put any window coverings on the windows, and even though everyone can see in and I can watch the world go buy and be a nosy neighbor, I also see cardinals, blue jays, and butterflies enjoying the trees and flowering plants outside.

Tank helped me unpack boxes. He was looking for a stuffed creature or some yarn to chew on!

I have lots of shelves to store my supplies where I can see them.

My sewing table. And I finished the 14 bags for last week!

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