Saturday, September 27, 2008

Finding Time for Creativity

Guilt. I have it. I shouldn't but I do. Everyone does at one time or another. I have so much on my plate - To-do lists strewn across my desk like Times Square after New Years. In my heart I want to sit down in my craft room and do some collage in my art journal (that I am still enjoying), sew another bag, or work on that crocheted blanket that I have had going for over a year. But the fact that I am moving in a few months makes me feel guilty that I should be doing something productive rather than 'frivolously playing in my room'. (That quote came from the inner me, not from the guys of all ages who live with me and have no problem lounging on the couch.) I was packing boxes at 8 a.m. I had yet to do anything and I felt I might as well get started on packing some personal items such as framed photos, which supposedly is better for showing homes for sale anyhow.

I am very excited for this move - I am planning on the decorated feeling to be more colorful, artsy, and inspiring. Fun and welcoming. I live in a house that is too neutral for my liking now, and the high ceilings and flowing layout make it difficult to paint colors. I am planning on reupholstering a lot of my furniture and making slipcovers for my dining room chairs. Oh the fun of fabric shopping! The current occupants will be moving out around Halloween, which will give us some time to work on the house and move in. But first I have to get through my son's Bar Mitzvah.

Much of last week was spent putting the guest list together and stuffing and stamping envelopes. His invitations came out great. They look like mini rock posters with a big guitar in the background and were printed like postcards. The response cards look like tickets. So cute! Well, cool. Must attend to details. So now you can see why I feel guilty about taking time for arts and crafts. Then again, I am writing this. And I just did a bit of online shopping and bought these:

From my Flickr collage group I found out these were good white pens for journaling so I want to try them. I also want to buy these:

Sharpie Poster Pens are also supposed to be terrific for journaling but are hard to find. Heck with it, I think I'll go paint some backgrounds. Then pack another box.

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