Monday, June 8, 2009

Making Time for Art

I have always read the importance of making time to create, if that is what your soul needs. Now that I have the most inviting space, I have been making time. Rainy days don't hurt, either. I have my new craft room organized into different work areas: sewing, painting and paper crafts, and jewelry. When the paint is drying I can sew or work on a jewelry piece. I haven't been doing much jewelry lately but am exciting to be participating in a charm swap. I love working under the pressure of a deadline (seriously).

I have been playing around with painting on fabric and canvas. Some of my favorite fiber artists have inspired me to experiment myself. It is a lot of fun!

I created a little bag with a magnetic snap closure out of some of the painted canvas. It was a good experiment sewing on heavy painted fabric - I'm still a novice seamstress.

I have had a thing for the collectible, 'designer' vinyl and the artwork and books that correspond with this genre. I often think I am a bit odd or immature when it comes to this, however the art and artists that work in this medium are very inspiring to my own art, so I like what I like! I customized my own Munny this weekend. I call it '1946' because it was collaged with articles and advertisements from magazines published that year.

Working on some paintings of my own, along with some journaling. Afternoon Florida rain allows me to feel comfortable with my kids playing XBox or Legos and letting me create.

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