Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Art and Soul - 15 days and Counting

I am counting. I am leaving two weeks from from tomorrow! Can't wait! Watching the calendar!

There are daily posts on the Art and Soul Yahoo group from people planning and packing. I haven't started packing, but I am not going to panic. It'll get done. I am amazed that I finished the fatbook pages and got them in on time! Forty five individual 4"x4" pieces of artwork. I accomplished this in the process of moving, using only the art supplies that I had the foresight to pack in a separate box. My craft room is not yet complete and I am unable to unpack all of my things. I enjoyed the challenge of interpreting the theme into pages. Here they are:

This helps with the anticipation. I have been working on some altered guitar pick charms to swap. I don't know how good they are compared with others but again I have enjoy creating them. I am toying with a mini zine as well. I have so many ideas and so little time. Four days in Virginia - time for myself- taking art classes and socializing and surrounding myself with artistic people....!

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Carmen said...

Hello from another South Florida girl. Found your blog from Suzi Blu's ning site.

Have fun at Art & Soul!