Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Dream Craft Room - Starting to be built!

I am the luckiest crafty person I know (which is really not saying much)! I am building a craft room onto a house I will be moving to - and the room is from scratch! Other than not having a choice as to the dimensions and window placement, everything else is to be whatever and however I desire it! I have been pouring over books and magazines and flickr photos about studios and creative spaces, trying to see what I like and what I don't. Not to mention I have learned from my past mistakes, like shelves are better than cabinets. The walls are up and finished and I just chose paint. Vibrant tangerine will adorn two of the walls - the two walls that will have built-in shelves and desks.

This long wall will have lots of shelves and cabinets and a desk space for jewelry or whatever. A big cork board, magnetic board, or something of the sort will be above it. There will be lots of outlets that I got to pinpoint locations for.

The other wall will be similar but have a sewing table. My machine will be by a window for natural light. The far wall has this nice window. I will put a sofa or bench in front so I can relax and read, crochet, or whatever! An island in the middle will finish the list. Painting should be done in the next day or two. Cool vinyl flooring in funky colors is next. I'll post photos to document my progress.

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JR said...

Yay! It is all coming together. Your creativity can only progress now!