Sunday, October 5, 2008

Stitchrock - Indie Craft Show

South Florida is not the mecca for indie crafts, but it is slowly getting better. Miami has always had it's own hip and cool scenes but not in the way that I like to see - like the craft fairs in Austin, Boston, Portland, L.A., - you know what I mean. For the second year in a row, however, a group of like minded individuals have come together to put on Stitchrock, an indie craft show that is absolutely wonderful.

Held in a vintage gymnasium in Delray Beach, around 50 vendors or so set up in every available space to sell everything from jewelry and t shirts to pickles and decoupaged furniture. I went with a friend and we had an absolute blast. We arrived early enough to get a little swag bag with candy, promos, a magazine, and more. We found all kids of things that were unique and handmade and we couldn't live without. She bought the most fabulous necklace - a silver chain with an astronaut painstakingly crafty our of clay. I found a cute cap (I love buying hats. I look pretty good in them. Should wear them more.), a cute stuffed creature with the best color scheme that I want to use him as inspiration for my kitchen, and a great skirt with a screen printed koi fish.

Highlights for the day included a indie fashion show (which we missed because we had already been there for a couple of hours) and a live painting by the Miami artist LEBO.
I was so amazed by his work that I bought his book and had him sign it. I want to own one of his mixed media pieces. That would look so awesome in my new house and his artwork is terrific.

My favorite store for cool things in South Florida, Tate's was there once again selling their oh-so-cool things.

I wish the venue was bigger so more vendors could sell. I will be looking forward to next year's show.

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